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Spotify Sep 2015


Spotify Sep 2015

This month's round-up of the best new releases I heard on Spotify

Opening with the intoxicating, ambient tones of B12's Terra Incognita (from their recent Bokide 325 EP), we soon drift into the subdued, Burial-esque sound of Synkro (aka Joe McBride from Akkord) before lifting the pace slightly with the emotive Losing It from Japan-based artist Erik Luebs' debut album Absolute Presence. Senking's subtle destroyer Grolar follows with clandestine menace before the slow building Solitude from Mikarma's (aka Kid Drama, aka Jon Convex from Instra:mental, aka Heart Drive) debut album Passes slowly elevates our outlook.

New to me are Italian duo Mind Against, with their electronic opus Vertere, a friendlier version of Lakker's Pylon. Following Huxley's lead, we have another fairly new producer taking their name from a celebrated poet, Auden. Taken from his recent Hunger EP, Simmer Down is bouncy and addictive. A change of direction next with a track from Gerd Janson's Musik for Autobahns compilation: Sentimental Journey by Weird Guilders is a track with little documented history but a very satisfying eighties sound. This is followed by Shinzo No Tobira, a track by eighties Japanese popsters Mariah (unsurprisingly discovered by Optimo a few years back) and considering it was originally released in 1983 is still sounding very contemporary today. Mr. Mitch's remix of 18+'s Nectar slows the original down a little and adds some serious ambient vibes.

Closing out this selection we have the beautiful, neoclassical track Moonlight, from Masayoshi Fujita's album Apologues, out on Erased Tapes. And a Sea Calls Me Home, one of many highlights from Julia Holter's new album Have You In My Wilderness.



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