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South London Ordnance


South London Ordnance

Check out this top-notch podcast from South London Ordnance. Tracklist includes Scuba, Altered Natives and Renaissance Man as well as a few of his own compositions

Excellent podcast from South London Ordnance over at xlr8r. Tracklist:

  1. Intro
  2. South London Ordnance "Revolver" (Hotflush)
  3. Nautiluss "Depth Charge" (Turbo)
  4. Scuba "Untitled" (Hotflush)
  5. Unknown "Do the Vortex" (Audio Culture)
  6. Nautiluss "Zero Gravity" (3024)
  7. Locked Groove "Firefall" (Hotflush)
  8. Furesshu "Lifted (Shifted Remix)" (Project Squared)
  9. South London Ordnance "Lemur"
  10. Altered Natives "Martyn's Friend" (Eye4Eye)
  11. Stray "Get off the Stage"
  12. Ivy Lab "Brat (South London Ordnance Remix)" (Critical)
  13. Renaissance Man "What You Do When You Do What You Do (Sei A Remix)" (Turbo)
  14. Dense & Pika "31" (Hotflush)
  15. Ella Patrice "Rise of (Ms. Patrice)" (Aery Metals)
  16. Outro


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