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Soma Coma 5


Soma Coma 5

Quick review of Soma Coma 5, the latest chilled-out compilations from Glasgow's Soma Records

The Soma Coma compilations are always good, but this latest installment is really top-notch, and I highly recommend it. Track listing:

  1. The Black Dog - Later Vexations
  2. Joe Stawarz - Cry
  3. Hatikvah - Daedalus
  4. Decimal - The Lesson of Hope
  5. Vakama - Yemaya
  6. Pressure Funk - Darkest Hour
  7. Alex Smoke - Jah Future
  8. H-Foundation - Scenario
  9. Gene Farris - Smoke Session Pause
  10.  Harvey McKay - Life
  11. Counterplan - The Morning After
  12. Chaser - Sleazy Listening
  13. Universal Principles - Don's Different Ducks
  14. Silicone Soul - The Strip

Beautiful, chilled-out sounds. Top moments are Joe Stawarz's Cry, Decimal's The Lesson of Hope,  Gene Farris's Smoke Session Pause and Universal Principles' Don's Different Ducks.



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