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Simian Mobile Disco - XLR8R Podcast 360


Simian Mobile Disco - XLR8R Podcast 360

Pure class stamped all over this podcast, includes The Field, Roman Flugel, Claro Intellecto and Luke Abbott

Here's another top-notch podcast with The Letter's seal of approval. Simian Mobile Disco present their XLR8R podcast comprising sixteen quality tracks, no filler, and superbly mixed. Highly recommended.


  1. Richard Fearless - Gamma Ray
  2. The Field - No No (John Tejada Remix)
  3. Monobox - Film
  4. XDB - Burgund
  5. Conforce - Grace
  6. Frank De Wulf - Reforced
  7. Roman Flügel - Friendship Song
  8. Robert Hood - Razr
  9. Achterbahn D’Amour - Tape 4 Fears
  10. Willie Burns - Lost in the Clouds Again
  11. North Lake - Scorn
  12. Iori - Wave
  13. Claro Intelecto - Peace of Mind (Electrosoul Remix)
  14. GRG - Rainy Mondays
  15. Partial Arts - Taifa (Emperor Machine Remix)
  16. Luke Abbott - Amphis (Reprise)


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