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Shy Talk

Compilations are brilliant.For years I used to record the John Peel radio show and then listen through the tapes over the following days, editing

Over the years I've made lots of tapes and CD's of my favourite music. I worked out that a good compilation has to consider factors like sequencing, tempo, volume and music-type. So, it's with great pleasure I now present to you the first of some of my more successful compilations.

This first one is titled Shy Talk: a reference to track 5, "Shithawke" by Riton. It also features some of the best German electronic musicians making music at the moment; artists like Ellen Allien and Michael Mayer. Here's a brief run through of the playlist.

  1. Bloc Party - Banquet (Phones disco edit)
    This is a remix from new kids on the UK bloc. Very catchy pop music and sounds like The Cure. Ones to watch for 2005
  2. Alter Ego - Rocker
    A big underground hit in the summer of 2004, "Rocker", featuring a lovely phat base and slightly off-kilter first couple of minutes, balances the melodious and unlistenable perfectly
  3. The Knife - Pass This On
    Amazing video, check it out on The Knife website. Electronic steel drums give it a delicious eighties feel. I reviewed it already
  4. Paul Kalkbrenner - Der Berserker
    Melodious, motorised beat from German electronic music maestro
  5. Riton - Shitehawke
    Lifted off the second album "Homies and Homos" by gay icon, model and mild mannered electronic music creative genius Henry Smithson. The whole album reminds me a little of Julian Cope. Catchy tune... you'll be singing along before you know it
  6. Vector Lovers - Electrosuite
    Delicious electronic riff and vocodered vocals from Martin Wheeler, reminiscent of Daft Punk
  7. Swayzak - Then There's Her
    With a vocal contribution from Clair Dietrich, this cool, dubby, anecdotal number is taken from Swayzak's fourth album "Loops From The Bergerie"
  8. Gold Chains and Sue Cie - Crowd Control
    A recent signing to kitty yo, the album combines house, garage, punk and techno resulting in a unique pop sound. "Crowd Control" begins with a lovely farty beat before the double-tracked vocals of Topher sets the anthemic scene
  9. The Youngsters - Slow
    A hard-edged, techno-tinged and slightly hypnotic number from French duo Gil le Gamin and Olivier M
  10. Ellen Allien - Send
    Ellen Fraatz (aka Allien) is a brilliant DJ, brilliant songwriter and runs the brilliant, German, electro/techno label Bpitch Control. This belter of a track is taken from her first album Stadtkind and rolls along with understated power; a grower
  11. Michael Mayer - Amabile
    Another German DJ and producer. This track is taken from his debut album "Touch". Hypnotic
  12. Anthony Rother - Night of the Gods
    Another brilliant German artist, this time less hypnotic and more atmospheric; almost orchestral. Epic track
  13. Junior Boys - Teach Me How to Fight
    Best track from their debut album "Last Exit". A claim to be influenced by the track "Bamboo Houses" by Ryuichi Sakamoto and David Sylvian is understandable. A gentle, eighties-sounding song
  14. Boom Bip - Closed Shoulders (cLOUDEAD Remix)
    A mellow, melancholic and strangely blissful number with dark undercurrents


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