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Sensate Silk


Sensate Silk by Sensate Silk

100 releases for 100% Silk signals a bright future

After Oakland, the poignancy shrouding this compilation is tangible yet the music is anything but sombre or obsidian. Sensate Silk ties together eleven colourful tracks from ten label débutantes (only Nackt had released before) that bring sunshine beats, buoyant bass and melodic hooks; the result is nothing short of the finest feel-good House music.

With just a few established producers, like Keita Sano, Nackt and Sage Caswell bolstering what is largely a selection of new faces, there's plenty to be excited about. Monoto by Badia is superb, mournful, melancholy-drenched electronica. The eleven minutes of PARC's Silk Road are packed with layers of sound, awash with deep vibes. British contributor Helios Mode introduces balance with his guitar picking, Ambient-leaning When Love Wins. Mysterious German producer Westcoast Goddess steals the show with Untitled Soul '98 that closes the compilation on a high note.

8/10 after 15 listens



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