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René Najera - Contours

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Contours by René Najera

René Najera - Contours

From the man who runs LA-based label Jungle Gym Records (along with Caleb Draves) Jared Carrigan, is an extremely prolific artist with approximately a hundred releases under various guises. Contours is the ninth release as René Najera and takes the form of lovely lo-fi noodling, long drones and an optimistic vibe, making it a very pleasant way to spend an hour.

Molding to one another like stones around sand these 11 precious ambient-dub artifacts ride ebb and flow, a wilderness shoreline far from the optimistic coastal bustle of earlier offerings. An expansive yet microscopic experience

Jungle Gym Records

If you only listen to one track



Dravier, Wave Temples, Auscultation, Iván Muela


Jungle Gym Records

Artist website

René Najera

Release date

20 Apr 2020


  1. Shadow Of Doubt
  2. Passing Time
  3. Scale Back
  4. From Nearby
  5. Navigate
  6. Wandering
  7. Surmission
  8. Limits
  9. Early Cold
  10. Contours
  11. Earthless


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