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Paramida Resident Advisor Mix


Paramida Resident Advisor Mix

Old-school, feel-good mix from Panorama Bar resident

Superb, upbeat mix from Paramida for Resident Advisor, with old-school vibes and plenty of melody. Highly recommended.

  1. A3000 - Flow [Disturbance]
  2. The Irresistible Force - Space Is The Place (Intergalactic Ambient Mix) [Cyclotron]
  3. Bliss Inc. - Outer Limits [Magicwire]
  4. Vista - Look To The Future [Synthetique]
  5. Alex Kassian - Oolong Trance (Paradise Mix) [upcoming Love On The Rocks]
  6. 3 In Key - Untitled [Eye 4 Sound]
  7. Agent Orange feat. Alexi Delano - The Gong Of Love [Loop Records]
  8. Daisy Glow - Theme From Daisy Glow (C-Level Mix) [ZoëMagik Records]
  9. Peyote Dreams - State Of Mind (Slack Mix) (Alex Kassian Remix) [upcoming Love On The Rocks]
  10. Frequency - Systematic Input [Lower East Side Records]
  11. Scott Smith, Scott Featherstone (Glorious Springtime) - My Jupiter Rox's [Deeper Audio Cuts]
  12. High Lonesome Sound System - Waiting For The Lights (Telephones Re-Edit)
  13. Tornado Wallace - Start Again [CockTail d'Amore Music]
  14. Acorn Arts - Silence - [X-Gate Records]
  15. Alex Kassian - Oolong Trance (Telephones' ADHD Mix) [upcoming Love On The Rocks]


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