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Killekill - Megahits II


Megahits II by Killekill

New compilation signals positive change ahead for the German label

Increasingly finding themselves with too many top-notch demos, Berlin-based label Killekill recognised that their release trajectory didn't properly reflect the range and quality of music they could be releasing; to address this fortuitous problem, they're going to create a bunch of smaller, more focused labels. Before then, marking a major new milestone in the label's development, we have their new MEGAHITS II compilation, twelve tracks that perfectly encapsulate the rich breadth and diversity of artists on the roster at the moment.

Umwelt opens proceedings with Gravitational Lens, a sublime slice of melodic Electro, closely followed by more of the same from Eomac and Angel In The Marble. After that there's no sweet distractions, it's all no-nonsense Techno, Electro and Acid. Highlights come from Dez Williams with the squelchy, rough cut Drakonia; Demon Particle Influence is an understated, Electro-fuelled monster from Techmarine Bottom Feeders (aka Detroit Grand Pubas) and closing track Tensegrity by Alex Cortex blends intense synth stabs with a catchy Acid strain.

Representing the future offshoot talent, Nonversation by The Fool's Stone works well, coming across like Modeselektor with its mix of heavy bass and deep cartoony vocals. And in a similar vein, Furfriend's Numb returns the same result if you swap the bouncy Electro bass with a thumping Techno bass. All-in-all an excellent collection that suggests good times ahead for KilleKill.

8/10 after 10 listens

Megahits II is released on 23rd May 2016.



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