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Kamikaze Space Programme - Dead Skin Cells


Dead Skin Cells by Kamikaze Space Programme

Hybrid Techno and Jungle FTW

The debut album from Kamikaze Space Programme (KSP) consolidates the many influences of Chris Jarman's long established production career, from his early noughties Drum & Bass work as Raiden (check out Fallin) via Bass/Dubstep (Anvil), Experimental (Concrete Musique), Acid/Electro (Choke) and Techno (Void Coefficient) as KSP. At each developing stage, his attention to the finer details is omnipresent; this is a man who genuinely cares about his art. No surprise then that his solid understanding of how to compose a gripping piece of music (rugged rhythms, descending chords, emotive melody, effective samples etc.) is once again evident across the ten strong tracks that make up Dead Skin Cells.

Genre-mashing could be a recipe for disaster for many but in Jarman's hands the marrying of myriad styles is effortless. When anthemic Jungle meets ethereal Ambient or propulsive rhythms battle with dirty layers of sound and texture, it all makes sense. Minimal Techno this ain't! And as with most of his previous work, Jarman cleverly folds in conceptual ideas for added depth. With Dead Skin Cells, he's telling us it's time for renewal, a shedding of skin. It follows then that a sense of optimism prevails, even when the darker facets of our human world are reflected in the jarring sound palette and tense atmospheres; the tracks where melody shines through (like Insomnia and Derelict) particularly facilitate this idea.

  • Rating: 8/10
  • Listens: 14
  • Highlight: Derelict
  • Label: Osiris Music
  • Release Date:19th June

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