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De Lichting - Twee


De Lichting - Twee

Deep and melodic Dutch Electronic showcase

De Lichting is a collaborative project between three key underground labels from Amsterdam: Yield Records, Native Response and Working Titles. Involved in the collective are seven, self-confessed music fanatics, between them trading in House and Techno, with excursions into Dub and Ambient, so this eleven track selection should offer something for everyone. Twéé is their second collaboration, following Één from early 2018, and was released on 23rd November.

  1. (A1) Boris Acket & Kaap - De Tuin
  2. (A2) Eversines – Verwar
  3. (B1) Human Space Machine – Feels
  4. (B2) queniv - U.I.C.
  5. (C1) Boris Acket – Humming
  6. (C2) Nathan Surreal - Chaos in the Echoes
  7. (C3) queniv - Kruller Muller
  8. (C4) RDS – Onvoorwaardelijk
  9. (D1) Kaap – Hartzeer
  10. (D2) RDS - Haat & Liefde
  11. (D3) Eversines - 2Anticipate

While it's a vinyl-only release, you can have a listen on Spotify.



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