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Dave Clarke remixes Time Traveler


Dave Clarke remixes Time Traveler

The Baron of Techno contributes to the Time Traveler's Remix report II

It's taken a while to materialise but the Dave Clarke remix of Time Traveler (aka Michele Pinna) is finally here and it's been well worth the wait! It forms part of the second set of remixes of Time Traveler's Techno sci-fi album I Am Made Of Stars / Journal (following last year's four tracker with Bas Mooy, DJ Hyperactive, Black Asteroid and Brian Sanhaji).

Alongside the Baron of Techno we have contributions from Detroit Techno Militia and Brian Sanhaji as well as two of Pinna's own "Heavy Metal" reworkings. And if that wasn't enough, we also get a brand new track called Silence In The Heaven.

Listen to the Intro heavy metal Time Traveler mix below:

  1. Interstellar (Dave Clarke Remix)
  2. B-29 Superfortress (Detroit Techno Militia Remix)
  3. Alpha (Brian Sanhaji Remix)
  4. Silence In The Heaven (Time Traveler Original Mix)
  5. Intro (Time Traveler Heavy Metal Mix)
  6. Outro (Time Traveler Heavy Metal Mix)

Remix report II + Chapter IX is out today on Chronicles Diary.



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