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Compy 26


Compy 26

Compy 26, a melodic affair, with some of my favourite tracks of 2012 alongside some others I've recently discovered

The significant element these thirteen tracks share is their gentle, melodic nature.

  1. Jai Paul - Jasmine (Demo)
  2. Paul Kalkbrenner    - Schnakeln
  3. Redshape - Until We Burn
  4. Acid Pauli - Mutron Melody
  5. el_txef_A - In
  6. Christian Löffler - Blind
  7. Clams Casino - I'm God [Lil B]
  8. DFRNT - Our Little Secret
  9. oOoOO - Springs (feat. Butterclock)
  10. Ursprung - Kalte Eiche
  11. Nosaj Thing - Eclipse/Blue
  12. Amirali - Missing
  13. Michael Mayer - Baumhaus

Time 57:15. Size: 108MB. Quality: 264kbs. Download Compy 26.



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