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C Diab - White Whale

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White Whale by C Diab

Bowed guitar crossed with robust Ambient, sends shivers

Each listen reveals more in this powerful Post Progressive Rock album. Caton Diab plays his guitar like a cello and the result is an Ambient-bothering sound verging on alien at times; a unique, deeply emotional listening experience which has the potential for album of the year, so don't sit on this one.

If you only listen to one track

East Vanished


Abul Mogard, Rafael Anton Irisarri


Injazero Records

Artist website

C Diab

Release date

05 Jun 2020


  1. The Dark Years
  2. Street Scenes
  3. 90's Kids
  4. Utopia
  5. Cubensis Yellow Fire
  6. Stares Across
  7. Infernal District
  8. East Vanished
  9. Haunter
  10. Blasted by an Ill Planet


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