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Paranoid London
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Paranoid London is duo Gerardo Delgado and Quinn Whalley, and together they've been responsible for some of the dirtiest, acid house music released in the last decade. Starting out as a label back in 2007, the inaugural record (by One Last Riot) set their agenda: We Make Acid. And every 12" that followed consolidated that declaration. Even with no PR and a vinyl-only ethos, they've built a stellar reputation on a foundation of uncompromising music coupled with a live performance that verges on punk.

Last year's eponymous debut album may have sneaked under most radars (particularly with it being wax only) but thankfully they've seen sense and recently made it available via CD and digital. It's eleven tracks of hardcore acid house, unrelenting and forceful in it's unpolished splendour. Have a listen to opening track Light Tunnel (feat Mutado Pintado) below:

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Paranoid London