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Baby T - Portra
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Samurai Music is a mark of excellence in the world of Techno and Jungle, so it's fitting that Brianna Price officially launches her new Baby T moniker with an EP of dark Techno and Jungle with the German label. For the last few years Price, better known as B.Traits through her DJ work at BBC Radio 1, has (by her own admission) veered off piste with her musical focus. Now, returning to her hardcode teen roots (i.e. ~six years ago, before moving from Canada to the UK) she presents a single track, Portra, in five ways (two of which are remixes from Homemade Weapons and Ancestral Voices).

In terms of Techno and Jungle, both the Hybrid and Jungle mixes of Portra confidently show an artist who understands how to produce music for the floor but there's a nagging, slightly formulaic tension at play: they lack a killer edge; a sample, sound or something different to make the punters whoop when dropped. In other words: standard DJ tools. The Ambient Mix, while inoffensive, is essentially a skills showcase. Remixes from two label stalwarts undeniably lend weight and authority to the release and Ancestral Voices' take is the highlight of the bunch with its menacing vibe, shapeshifting from grainy Ambient to ghostly Jungle and back.

  • Rating: 6/10
  • Listens: 7
  • Highlight: Portra (Ancestral Voices Remix)
  • Label: Samurai Music
  • Release Date: 1st May 2020
Baby T - Portra