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A few good tunes Vol 1
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Taken from Creme Organization's second free compilation the track Blood Lust from Lake Haze soothes my music-pummelled ears perfectly.

From Matt Tolfrey's recent Fabric mix, Tokyo XXX by Soichi Terada & Shinichiro Yokota, is from 1991... unbelievable, it sounds so fresh!

From the German producer Thyladomid's recent debut album Interstellar Destiny, Inner Space works for me.

Bob Moses: the point where techno and traditional songwriting meet... and rather a nice combination it is too! Grace is the last track from their recent album All in All.

Efdemin in his stride with this beautiful track No Exit; his contribution to the Dial Records 15 year anniversary compilation, entitled All.

From Ruede Hagelstein's Apophenia album (on the Watergate label), this collaboration with Pillowtalk is simply superb.

A few good tunes Vol 1