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A few good tunes Vol 37


A few good tunes Vol 37

Eleven top tunes to check out at your earliest convenience

  1. Joker - Fantasy - the purple guy returns with another gargantuan slab of Dubstep, filtered with a kinda Classical choral stylee. Makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand proud. New album soon maybe?
  2. Ernestas Sadau - Vilnius Brigade - from the Five Years of Tears Vol. 1 compilation on Pinkman, this track from Ernestas Sadau is the finest form of fist-pumping Electro
  3. C. Diab - Butterflies - a timely release on the back of his sublime contribution to the recent INJACOMP001 compilation (hands down one of my favourite compilations so far this year btw). Butterfiles is my favourite track from Exit Rumination, the new album from the Canadian guitar player and trumpeter
  4. Chaotic Reality - Three - as Ransom Note state: "new Scottish producer set to self release his debut, an EP which blurs the lines between dubbed out house, techno and electronica"
  5. OverworX - I Am The Cream - a complete contrast to the Chaotic Reality track, this banger from a man called Ben Pest has an old skool ravey vibe - feel good Techno. Taken from forthcoming EP OverworX 001
  6. Ringard - MSH - new track (and upcoming EP) from French producer on Les Yeux Orange. Chunky beats and sickly synths drift to form a pleasant Tech House hybrid
  7. Imre Kiss - She Moves Through Fire - Lobster Theremin deliver once again with a new Imre Kiss EP, Strangers. This track is easily the highlight
  8. Turner Street Sound - Dunes (Oceanic Mix) - you should already be familiar with this Australian duo but just in case you're not, get onto this ASAP
  9. Somewhen - Undress - scary Pop mixed with Electro shapes on the ever reliable Ostgut Ton
  10. Nadia Struiwigh - Roeiweijk - the Dutch producer returns with new material - "somewhere between Biosphere and Boards of Canada" it says on her Bandcamp page. Roeiweijk is certainly downtempo in style, with layers of instrumentation awash with texture and ambience
  11. Hunter Lombard - Raeh (Kim Ann Foxman Ambient Mix) - the ex-Hercules and Love Affair member helps out pal with sublime Ambient remix


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