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Aaron Martin - Touch Dissolves


Touch Dissolves by Aaron Martin

Another delightful collaboration between visual and musical artists

The IIKKI Books series of collaborations between visual artists and musicians ends with the sixth installment, this time between photographer Yusuf Sevinçli and composer Aaron Martin. Like the previous edition in the series, the premise pairs a series of arresting stills with appropriately provocative music, aimed at stimulating the imagination through a shared dialogue of aesthetics and common endeavour.

American sound artist Martin uses his vast production experience to wring every emotional drop from the listener, with poignant passages featuring his key instrument, the cello, backed with haunting strings and a sombre, contemplative mood. The accompanying visuals from Sevinçli have clearly influenced Martin's sense of interpretation and invention, with track titles like connecting strands between the visual and the audial, particularly as Sevinçli's black-and-white images come pre-packed with deep meaning, each a mini-epic composition in its own right, when viewed out of context.

Such a beautiful series with high values and sincere intentions.

If you only listen to one track

To Stems Unclasped the Petals Cling


Chihei Hatakeyama, Cinderland, Julia Kent



Artist website

Aaron Martin

Release date

24 Jul 2018


  1. A Child's Arms Are Moonlight
  2. The Space Above Overflowing
  3. Water Reads What Fingers Have Written
  4. Falling from the Feet of Sunlit Bodies
  5. To Stems Unclasped the Petals Cling
  6. Guarded Eyes Make Curtains Blossom
  7. A Hand That Reaches, A Branch That Sings


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