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Zenker Brothers - Immersion
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When it comes to tasteful techno, the debut album from real life brothers Dario and Marco ticks all the right boxes: it’s got texture, subtlety, complexity, melody and intrigue... and as a long player, clocks in at the perfect listening time of 50 mins.

The pacing from ambient opener Mintro, builds gradually through the crackly beats of Aisel and the insistent organ-riff rhythm of Phing through to the thundering drums of Innef Runs. So when we reach fifth track TSV WB we’re into territory that wouldn’t sound out of place in a Dettman set. After some ambient reflection with Erbquake, we’re back to the dance floor with the thumping High Club and stuttering complexity of Ebbman before things wind down again with Cornel 21 and Outark.

It’s the perfect companion piece to Code by Answer Code Request in that it demands repeated listens. It’s tasteful because no track stands out as too memorable; you never get bored. A classic in the making perhaps?

8/10 after 9 listens

Zenker Brothers - Immersion