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Odd Nosdam - Sisters
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On the back of the heavenly Boards of Canada (BOC) remix of the title track, extraordinary levels of expectation were raised (for me anyway) in regard to Sisters, the tenth album by Anticon co-founder David Madson, aka Odd Nosdam.

Across the nine tracks, the influence of BOC is undeniable; for instance, the drones and lazy beats of Profane Bong Sue could easily be a long lost treasure from the Scottish duo's archives. The same applies to most of the tracks with crackly textures and dusty hip-hop rhythms. Unlike other BOC devotees (say Boreal Network) Odd Nosdam has the BOC blessing, therefore the notion of plagiarism doesn't really materialise. And even though all the BOC hallmarks are there, Madson does enough to stamp his mark on proceedings, Moments like the frazzled guitar picking on Endless 432 and the album highlight Sisters, pick away to reveal the frayed edge of BOC pastiche while bestowing a subtle majesty throughout. This is music we already know and love, and I love it a lot.

9/10 after 12 listens

Odd Nosdam - Sisters