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Tips #4


Tips #4

A bunch of new albums and EPs I've been digging... and you should too

Arthur and Martha - Adjustments

Comprising 10 years of remixes for the Happy Robots duo Arthur and Martha, Adjustments is a fine retrospective remix album that sizzles with pleasing 80s vibes. Incorporating Indie Pop, Krautrock and all sorts of Electronic references, we're presented 15 tracks battered into new shapes by the likes of Gabe Knox, Hologram Teen, Brutalist Architecture In The Sun and Pattern Language. Fantastic.

Iván Muela - Five Questions

Five beautiful piano ditties that reside in the peaceful space just before sleep, each with a kind knack for caressing tired minds.

Gianluca Piacenza - Light

More sublime piano work like Iván Muela, this time from talented Italian composer Gianluca Piacenza. Highly recommended.

Claude Fontaine

The Reggae Suzanne Vega... Claude Fontaine presents a perfectly formed, self-titled debut album of delightful Pop with massive crossover appeal. Includes guitar from Tony Chin and drums from Airto Moreira.

Absolute Valentine - Omega

Omega is powerful Electro with a hint of 80s and John Carpenter. Rousing riffs for the win!

Brainwaltzera - The Kids Are AI

Unknown producer maintains high quality with another fine EP of Boards of Canada indebted Electronic workouts. Great Acid elements on buggy isotope v2, super drum programming on melting pot (vertical spaceBar) and a dreamy, melodic vibe on polter seesaw 1and2 [left_of_grounds]. Very listenable.

Knights Of The Black Table, Halved EP and In Your Pit EP​

A trio of releases from JK Flesh (ably supported on two by Goth Trad and Halva). Moving on from his previous Techno outings, he's reduced the pace of the rhythm and called it "Dread Techno"... which is fitting.

Steve Murphy - Mira Electronics

A pleasant selection of contemporary Electro mixed with many Electronic references (e.g. EBM and Italo) result in this excellent debut album. Check out the Phil Oakey inspired singing on Digital Fix Today.

Forthcoming releases to check out



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