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Janusz Jurga - Duchy Rogowca
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Five tracks of ghostly Techno in the guise of Gas and Varg tied to a dark theme of Polish folklore and demonology. Deeply textured throughout with a cavernous sense of space amid the forest samples and vocal passages – at times it feels like sensual overload, with so much information packed into a little over half an hour. While there's plenty to hold your attention, the general lack of melody reduces the likelihood of many repeat listens.

  • Rating: 6/10
  • Listens: 8
  • Highlight: Duch trzeci
  • Label: Opus Elefantum
  • Release Date: 21st Feb 2018

Duchy Rogowca is out now on via Opus Elefantum.

Janusz Jurga - Duchy Rogowca