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Busiest month of the year, here's a few releases worth checking out

Blue Hour - Remixed [04]

Four more quality reworks for Luke Standing's Blue Hour project. The Héctor Oaks' To The Core Mix of Solace is the highlight, with its thumping Acid stabs that slowly evolve (around the two minute mark) taking on a Trance-like state.

Johan Carøe - zenmetal

There's so much Ambient music floating around at the moment it takes something quite different to emerge from the murky throng, and Johan Carøe's debut release, zenmetal does that. The Danish composer uses tape loops, sparse string and organ arrangements to foster a soothing mood of contemplation.

Donnacha Costello - Constant Bearing, Decreasing Range

The Irish producer is back with another beautiful album that flits across all the Ambient boundaries.

Petrichor - Narisshu

The Soma stalwart Simon Stokes returns for an impeccably produced second album called Narisshu. The mood varies from upbeat to chilled-out, yet a strong narrative sequence connects the twelve tracks.

Vivian Koch - Insomiami

Insomiami, a top quality three track EP on Omnidisc from rising German DJ and producer Vivian Koch, follows The Owleon released earlier this year on Mojuba Records, and delivers more of the same melodic Electro.

T E S T P R E S S - BLTRS021

Catchy-as-hell two-track EP on Huntleys + Palmers by a new duo called T E S T P R E S S. Hailing from the freezing cold climes of Aberdeen in Scotland, they make surprisingly warm music: upbeat vocal House, keeping the summer vibes alive a little longer.

Max Duke - My Sins

Elements of House and Electronica (with hints of Trance) merge across My Sins, a punchy, well-produced album from a French chap called Max Duke. It's an effortless listen, upbeat and jaunty, with plenty to enjoy. Worth checking out.

Ike Yard - Remixes

A strong selection of producers remix the last two Ike Yard releases (Sacred Machine and Rejoy) with varied but mostly pleasing results. Rebekah's pummelling take on Teardrop stands out against the wiry and monochromatic textures of the other contributions from CUB, Antechamber, Grebenstein, Richard Fearless and Mønic.



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