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The Cracks #3

The Cracks

The Cracks #3

Quick, check out these recent releases from Orca, Attack!, Halosar, Mick Woods, Curses, Graintable, Orfeón Gagarin, The Nameless Book and Carmen Villain before they slip through

Orca, Attack - You Won't Remember This

Delightful new track from Elizabeth Joan Kelly and David Rodriguez as Orca Attack!. Starts quiet with a lovely vocal and acoustic guitar before swelling into heavenly melody.

Halosar - New Forge

Duo James Jano and Cullen Miller make futuristic electronic Pop (think gaming soundtracks) with an experimental edge, combining vocal synths (not unlike Oneohtrix Point Never) a touch of glitch and plenty of melody.

Mick Woods - Sapien Sounds

Shady character making shady music (a form of Breaks and Ambient) with traces of Boards of Canada (in the best taste of course). This is his debut album on the excellent brokntoys label, following last year's Cyborgasm EP on Western Lore.

Curses - Incarnadine

Channelling the spirit of Sisters of Mercy through modern electronic technology and good taste, this post-punk, EBM-indebted blast is both raucous and reassuring. Out on Jennifer Cardini's label Dischi Autunno.

Graintable - The Rain In The Trees

A pleasant album of mindful and deliberate Ambient music from US artist James Cooke, aka Graintable, his third for Ransom Note Records.

Orfeón Gagarin - Salmos Funiculares

Treated organs, cult loops and funereal tones occasionally give way to enlightenment (both glorious Ambient and angelic melody) on this new album from experienced Spanish experimental artist Miguel Angel Ruiz. Out on Artificial Owl Recordings.

The Nameless Book - Blank Page

I'm find myself savouring albums like Blank Page these days. Specifically music that is difficult to categorise, with styles mashed together, may include songs, electronic instrumentals but, most importantly, the unexpected. This is the second album from British four-piece The Nameless Book and they deliver seven tracks that scratch this itch.

Carmen Villain - Only Love From Now On

The Carmen Villain evolution continues apace with a move into a tasteful Jazzy Ambient sphere. From a singer/songwriter outset in 2017 the Norwegian-Mexican artist could have taken her skills in many directions but with 2019's Both Lines Will Be Blue album, she took refuge in Lo-fi instrumentals (think Jungle Gym Records). And with tracks like Type and Impossible Color, the Jazz influence that was emerging now indicates the direction Only Love From Now On took.



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