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Tag: record player

Round up

Little bits of news from the last wee while you may have missed


General, 29 May 2017, 09:41

Love your record player!

Classy looking mobile record player with terrible name


General, 31 Jan 2017, 19:02


Gimmicky but fun Kickstarter idea for a tiny portable record player


General, 28 Dec 2016, 15:09

Wax Rax

Lovely looking shelving for your vinyl from Wax Rax


General, 27 Apr 2016, 15:00

Mechanical Techno - Ghost in the Machine Music

Can you make Techno with a record player? Yes you can


General, 07 Dec 2015, 15:37

The Turntable

Expensive record player made from cast iron


General, 01 Jul 2015, 13:07

Clean your records with glue

Here's an extraordinary cleaning process for vinyl records


General, 30 Jul 2014, 08:02

Vestax Handy Trax

Battery powered record player with a built-in speaker and USB output for transferring vinyl to your computer


General, 18 Nov 2013, 12:19

My music box

I recently commissioned a media cabinet for my music collection. Here it is


General, 05 Nov 2013, 07:00

Lost in Music

Martin Schmitz makes music-related furniture, including Lost in Music, a lovely table with integrated record player


General, 30 Apr 2013, 09:00


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