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Tag: penelope trappes

2023 Review of the Year

A link-frenzied review of the year in music, including 2023's 'Bests'


General, 27 Dec 2023, 15:31

Healing Together: A Compilation For Mental Health Recovery - this wonderful 23 track Ambient compilation from Past Inside The Present is name your price until the end of August. Includes work from Sofie Birch, more eaze, Clarice Jensen, Patricia Wolf and Penelope Trappes

Noted, 11 Aug 2022, 07:58

The Cracks #1

An irregular new series that aims to catch the best music releases that we've not had time to properly celebrate on The Letter, in case they fall through the cracks for good


The Cracks, 19 Feb 2022, 16:33

Penelope Trappes - Lucky Eleven (Mother's Blood Version)

Riffing on the otherworldly melodrama of Abul Mogard and the menacing threat of Roly Porter, Penelope Trappes has created a pleasantly surprising piece of instrumental music (as part of the soundtrack for a new one-hour film, by Trappes and Agnes Haus, called Mother's Blood). Lucky Eleven (Mother's Blood Version) is essentially a remix of her own track (from her last album Three) made by stripping out the vocals. The result is a blisteringly dark composition. The whole soundtrack is a remix of the Three.

Tune, 23 Nov 2021, 20:36


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