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Tag: max cooper

Max Cooper - Out of Body

Two and half hours of blissful Ambient music, from Max Richter, Starts of the Lid, Christopher Willits, Rafeal Anton Irisarri, Loscil, Steve Hauschildt, Bing and Ruth and many more, including some unreleased tracks from Max Cooper himself!

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Mix, 30 Dec 2020, 17:52

Spotify June and July 2020

Two months worth of quality music condensed into a CD-length selection

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Mix, 05 Aug 2020, 15:10

Round up

Links for lockdowns


General, 28 Apr 2020, 20:03

Spotify March 2019

Some of the best music I discovered on Spotify during March 2019

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Mix, 31 Mar 2019, 16:00

Spotify Dec 2016

Some of the best music out in December 2016, includes Barker & Baumecker, Schlachthofbronx, Ellen Allien, Peder Mannerfelt and Max Cooper

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Mix, 04 Jan 2017, 17:16

Round up

Some recent snippets of news that didn't make the main stream


General, 02 Nov 2016, 08:37

A few good tunes Vol 18

A tasty selection of music for your pleasure and delight

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Mix, 10 Oct 2016, 21:24

Compy 30

A compilation of some of the best tracks I've been listening to recently, includes Dead Fader, Max Cooper, Mark E and Jonsson/Alter

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Mix, 21 May 2014, 14:15

Compy 20

Here's a new compilation I've put together for you to download and enjoy: Compy 20. Taking in eight of my favourite blissed out tracks from the last few years, it's perfect for relaxing to

Listen to the mix

Mix, 12 Jul 2011, 06:55

Hot Chip I Feel Better (Max Cooper Rmx)

Great remix from Max Cooper with a nice video to boot: Hot Chip I Feel Better (Max Cooper Rmx)


General, 14 May 2010, 11:54

Top podcasts of 2009

Here's a list of my favourite podcasts from 2009. For simplicity, I've ordered them by the number of listens but in general I'd say they are all very,


General, 28 Dec 2009, 11:43

Stochastisch Serie

Stochastisch Serie: another great tune from Max Cooper, with a great video from Whiskas FX


General, 26 Oct 2009, 15:53

Exclusive Max Cooper live mix

I'm very excited to present an exclusive mix from London-based producer and DJ Max Cooper, recorded live last weekend at Zukunft in Brussels


General, 13 Sep 2009, 21:26


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