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Fav mixes and compilations of 2021

Select the tracks, sequence them properly and mix


General, 23 Dec 2021, 15:47

Six Tracks #13 - six slick smoochers to smack you round the chops. I just remembered the arousing G-Spot from Jana Rush's Painful Enlightenment album, that came out on Planet Mu in the summer and it's just as exquisite as memory serves. Parris breaks out the breaks on Poison Pudding, his collaboration with Call Super, a highlight from his new album Soaked In Indigo Moonlight. Delsin continue their reissues of overlooked CiM material with his debut album Reference due out in January; his track Lactate is a glorious ode to the ghost of 90s Aphex. Blawan's new EP Woke Up Right Handed, is a strong one, with all five shapeshifting tracks proving irresistible; my fav is Under Belly. Another under-the-radar release (IMHO) is the new album from MMM (i.e. Errorsmith and Fiedel). It's called On The Edge and it's draws out a dubby and downbeat path. The Interview embellishes some cracking vocal snippets with sound samples, austere strings and minimal percussion... I love it (although the whole album is pretty decent). Finally, the ever reliable Tripalium Corp label have announced an album from a new group called HEXE CULTO. Comprising Italian pair Francesco Rispoli and Salvatore Delle Femmine, they make music using "IDM, Acid and Amen Breaks". Tumulto is due out in January but you can check out taster Atto now.

Noted, 08 Dec 2021, 20:23

MMM - Bleep Mix #215

In support of their new album MMM (Errorsmith & Fiedel) have put together a sort of influences mix for Bleep, with a selection of the music that inspired them, including tracks from Shriekback, Pearson Sound, Burial and King Tubby & The Aggrovators.

Noted, 16 Nov 2021, 10:53


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