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Daniel Avery - Lone Swordsman

When Daniel Avery released Lone Swordsman as the b-side of his Dusting For Smoke EP in September it received the most attention, partly because it was a tasteful tribute to legendary producer Andrew Weatherall (who had passed away in February) but mostly because it's simply a sublime piece of music. Now, due to popular demand, it's coming out as a limited 12” (which, unsurprisingly, is already sold out). Grab the digital copy now if you don't have it, and all proceeds will be donated to Amnesty International.

Tune, 11 Dec 2020, 08:50

Round up

A few music links you may have overlooked


General, 11 Mar 2020, 15:35

New albums to check out

A load of new albums and singles to check out, including Michael Mayer, Roman Flugel, loscil and B12


General, 30 Oct 2016, 16:32

Forthcoming albums of note

Some albums coming in the next few weeks, from Alex Smoke, Roly Porter, Junior Boys, Stillhead, Tiga, nonkeen and Andrew Weatherall


General, 10 Jan 2016, 09:27


Andrew Weatherall in action at the last A Love From Outer Space night in Glasgow


General, 23 Sep 2013, 08:09


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