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Gossip, threads and interesting stuff from folk on our Twitter list: Finger on the Pulse.

Kush Jones JBW @kush_jones_

Y’all still “mastering” music? Do you know how oppressive that sounds? We must start using language that doesn’t reinforce a horrific past. Going forward any post audio work will be known as “liberating frequencies”.

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Quoted, 02 Aug 2021, 07:20

Mr. Mitch @mrmitchmusic

Don't limit yourself to whatever genre or scene you think you belong to. You can find strands of things you relate to everywhere.

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Quoted, 30 Jul 2021, 07:00

jezc @jezc

Thread: Super excited to announce that a long held dream to open a Birmingham Music Museum is now a reality! We’ve signed Heads of Term on a space in Digbeth to open Birmingham’s first music museum so we can celebrate our amazing music culture; past, present & future!

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Quoted, 23 Jul 2021, 06:40


On pre-order but with no clips to listen to. Like give me the music right now or don't even tell me something's coming out soon

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Quoted, 21 Jul 2021, 23:00

Soma Records @SomaRecords

#INCOMING 23/07 - We are pleased to have fast rising producer, Balrog, debuting on Soma with the Run For Cover EP. 🔥🔥
Hailing from the Yorkshire Dales, Balrog has supplanted himself in the darker and grittier side of industrial techno.

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Quoted, 12 Jul 2021, 21:20

Z. 👑 @World0fEcho

People often ask me how to get their music released on a record label. The answer is quite simple. First, follow their account on instagram. Next, hit the ‘like’ button on 70 to 75 of their most recent posts. Finally, send them a DM request asking for a vinyl release next month.

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Quoted, 08 Jul 2021, 06:40



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