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Gossip, threads and interesting stuff from folk on our Twitter list: Finger on the Pulse.

Sama’an Ashrawi @SamaanAshrawi

I don’t usually do threads but today I wanna tell y’all why these 20 seconds of footage of a kid in a blue and red jacket stage diving at a Bad Brains concert at CBGB’s in NYC in 1982 are important. Then I wanna tell y’all this kid’s story.

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Quoted, 23 Sep 2020, 06:20

Sacha Lord @Sacha_Lord

Without extending support, this Government will be remembered for ripping the heart out of our 5th biggest UK sector.

Huge redundancies and mass closures of theatres, live music venues, pubs, bar, restaurants, nightclubs and cultural organisations.

@RishiSunak it's over to you:

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Quoted, 22 Sep 2020, 23:00

OneZero @ozm

On Spotify, if your music ranks highly for a generic search term like "relaxing" or "white noise," you can accumulate enough listens to steadily make hundreds, in some cases thousands, of dollars a month with minimal effort. http://read.medium.com/ZuNFBp7

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Quoted, 22 Sep 2020, 22:40


the only musicians who can survive are either scraping by the skin of their teeth or are being underwritten by generational wealth

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Quoted, 21 Sep 2020, 20:20

Sully @sullyE64

yes we all miss the parties but youve got to credit the tories for rebuilding the working DJs tattered immune system

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Quoted, 17 Sep 2020, 10:20

bleep @bleep

Pre-Order Now:
Warp Logo Printed Blue on Orange T-Shirt

Official @WarpRecords merchandise printed on Continental Earth Positive stock.

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Quoted, 13 Sep 2020, 22:00

Secret DJ Book II. @SecretDJBook

Just a note for people being sent here.

We are, in fact, working with police, other journalists, publications and even a documentary on outing and bringing to justice DJ rapists.

We have been for some years now.

No, we are not in support of Derrick May...


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Quoted, 11 Sep 2020, 23:00

khala 🖤 @kayriches__

My friend passed away late last night, age 23, from COVID-19. No pre-existing conditions. Never drank. Never smoked.

Y’all keep enjoying your parties though.

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Quoted, 09 Sep 2020, 15:40

autechre 🌋 comments @AutechreComment

Repetition is a characteristic of Ambient music. If you sit here trying to listen to it, you'll hate it. But if you treat it like ambient music, put it on and do something else, you'll like it a lot more.

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Quoted, 08 Sep 2020, 23:00

Man Power @Man_Power_Music

Things that will make parties good again post Covid.
Regular crowds / a real community.
No mass appeal advertising - Word of mouth and flyering only.
Proper residents.
Growing talent not buying it.
Ignoring trends.
No more talk of “brands” / “careers”

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Quoted, 03 Sep 2020, 10:00

bergsonist @bergsonist

Recently canceled some releases because when u smell that rust you know it’s better to stay off. PLUS there’s no $ in music, better release your own music on bandcamp then if you want to be on Apple.. you can self digital distribute via Sc. New era we entered ethics > clout..

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Quoted, 02 Sep 2020, 20:20

EMIKA @emika_records

Mainstream media is hurting our understanding of the world. I’m keeping an open mind in a sea of agendas.

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Quoted, 30 Aug 2020, 20:00



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