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Gossip, threads and interesting stuff from folk on our Twitter list: Finger on the Pulse.

Marta Salogni @Marta_Salogni

Please please please stop sending me Spotify links. I don't have Spotify and nor should you if you care about supporting your art/artist properly.
Bandcamp/Tidal yes please.

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Quoted, 22 Jun 2022, 11:40

🫠 alyce / lychee 🫠 @lycheefrut

DJs who've done mixes for "bigger" series/publications - how did they come about? Did you submit/reach out to them, or did they reach out to you? I've never submitted a mix anywhere before that I can recall, and wonder if I should be putting myself out there more...

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Quoted, 18 Jun 2022, 07:40

Lara Rix-Martin @meemocomma

I simply have no joy or interest in hearing music reviews from white people who have no interest in looking into the history or culture of the music they choose to talk about.

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Quoted, 16 Jun 2022, 23:20

andioliver @andisn16

I was on a bus few years ago some dick was playing music the whole time I couldn’t work out who it was I was glaring around but kept thinking at least it’s good tunes got off the bus realised I could still hear it because it was coming from MY BAG! 🤣🤣 TURNS OUT I’M THE DICK

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Quoted, 16 Jun 2022, 07:00

Sean Adams @seaninsound

Musicians a little experiment:

Rather than focussing on your latest release

Share your biggest track

With a little story/fact about it

Maybe put a small boost behind it

Ask fans to share it

Try 3x posts: a jpg, link and video clip/Reel/TikTok

💌 Report back on what happens

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Quoted, 13 Jun 2022, 21:20

John Morrison @John_Liberator

For years, I've kept a running playlist of rare Music documentaries and interesting videos that I find on Youtube.

Here's a thread that I'll be adding to throughout the day in between running errands. Check it out.

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Quoted, 03 Jun 2022, 08:55

Ripperton @Ripperton

I don't know what it's like elsewhere, but going out and not spending less than 100€ is not possible anymore. I mean 10 euros a pint + club entry... how can the kids even go out? And is this a massive incentive to do drugs? #clubculture

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Quoted, 01 Jun 2022, 09:00



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