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Waves Of The Future
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Waves Of The Future is a compilation celebrating a massive 100 releases for the Mannequin label run by Alessandro Adriani. And while none of the participating artists have actually released with the label before, it's considered a statement of consolidation by bringing together other label heads and unofficial ambassadors of the label through their like-minded obsession with the very best in electronic music.

With eight experimental tracks in various flavours of Electro, EBM and Coldwave, roughly sequenced in an alternating order of fairly melodic versus slightly more challenging, it's a perfectly poised set. Arriving early on Charges Won't Stick from Ron Morelli sets the tone, even though nothing else tests your tolerance in the same way; it's an intense four minutes of abstract, near white-noise made up of cut-up, muffled voices and a barely held together rhythm. In contrast Beau Wanzer's Snake And Shake that directly follows is by far the biggest tune, with its pleasing Electro bassline. A lot to like and well worth further investigation.

  • Rating: 7/10
  • Listens: 12
  • Highlight: Beau Wanzer - Snake And Shake
  • Label: Mannequin
  • Release Date: 16th Feb 2018
Waves Of The Future