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Tokyo Offshore Project - Theatrical Techno Illustrated
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There can't be too many who remember, or have even heard of, early nineties electronic outfit Tokyo Offshore Project (certainly new to me) but on the strength of their forthcoming eleven track collection, Theatrical Techno Illustrated, it's time to make amends if that's the case, because even though this music is 20 years old and the warm house vibes still sound amazingly fresh today, it's the type of pioneering music that's important to acknowledge.

The trio, composed of Japanese musician Kiyoshi Miyaura and DJs Frankie Valentine and Simon Lovejoy, released one album (Aerotek) in 1992 (from which the majority of these tracks hail) and a couple of singles. Listening to monumental tracks like Cornelia, Cornelius and Aerotek it's not difficult to imagine the impact they must have had on those who did hear them; the synthesiser sound is ubiquitous today. Moreover, there's a timeless beauty to much of the music, Rift (Tokyo Offshore Project Remix) and Children Of The Rainbow in particular could easily have been produced this year. Only the breakbeat of Magic Melody and the piano on Whisper show their age. Essential listening.

9/10 after 11 listens

Tokyo Offshore Project - Theatrical Techno Illustrated