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Time Traveler - Chapter V: Chronicles from 1957
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Sure, everyone deserves a second chance, so if you didn't get your finger out when I included Time Traveler's I'm Made Of Stars / Journal in my favourite music from 2016 (read the album review here), then now's the time to make amends and be blinded by the beautiful brute force of his latest chronicles EP.

Chapter V: Chronicles from 1957 is a four tracker dedicated to his mother Anna Maria, and while it may not present the same range of light and shade as his album, if no holds barred Techno is your thing, like the track Stardust (from the album), then the uncompromising beats combined with the menacing vocal (on A1) will surely satisfy.

The EP is out on 7th March via his own Chronicles Diary imprint.

Time Traveler - Chapter V: Chronicles from 1957