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TIIF 2017
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Tiny British label This Is It Forever celebrate 2017 with a small but perfectly formed collection from their releases this year, including tracks by Gavin Miller and Thomas Ragsdale.

There's also a couple of interesting inclusions in there from forthcoming albums due out in the new year: the Falconetti track has appealing hints of Mogwai while the Ambient guitar on the Capac track sounds so right just now (I've got Yamaneko on my mind in case you're wondering).

  1. Capac - Ach Bittrer Winter
  2. Thomas Ragsdale - The Hagg
  3. Falconetti - History Of Skyscrapers
  4. Sunset Graves - Basic Manners
  5. Gavin Miller - Casiotone 1
  6. Thomas Ragsdale - Vale Royal
  7. Gavin Miller - Floodlit

It's "name your price" so you've got nothing to complain about.

TIIF 2017