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The Lost Tapes 1
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This eight track collection is the first in a new cassette series from Berlin-based label CODE IS LAW. Founded in 2013 and run by Mørbeck, the label has primarily concentrated on no-nonsense Techno from producers like Eomac, Janzon, Under Black Helmet and Mørbeck himself, however this collection sees a subtle shift in focus with the introduction of more melody and experimentation.

Arranged in order of descending accessibility, the music opens with two tuneful cuts, the sweet electronica of The Lost Tape from newcomer WYAD, ably abetted by the towering Electric Dogs (arguably the best track on the compilation) from French producer Marnyc, another fledgling in the Techno scheme of things. This opening rush of melody soon wears off though with two sweet but pummelling cuts from SPECTA and Mørbeck before a brief injection of melody with the uplifting, circular refrain in Poetry In Motion from Janzon; the perfect blend of Electro and Techno. Mutant Beats from Under Black Helmet passes by with little fanfare before we end on a positive, albeit experimental note, with the not unpleasant textured and broken-beat sounds from Sawlin and Stefano Moretti.

7/10 after 13 listens

The Lost Tapes is released on Thursday 12th May 2016.

The Lost Tapes 1