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The Death of Rave (A partial flashback)
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Leyland Kirby has been busy releasing a lot of music recently:

I've already covered the forty tracks of We drink to forget the coming storm (free to download until June the 20th), while Kirby covers Intrigue & Stuff himself:

What is ''Intrigue & Stuff'' ? The title may refer to a Martin Hannett quote regarding Factory Records - ''There's an awful lot of incest that goes on'' mused Hannett, ''Intrigue and Stuff''.

The music on the whole series goes in many angles and directions. As awkward as it's soothing. It's the future, it's the past. Using electronic means, abusing styles. Exisiting outside of scenes.

Personal and impersonal. Out of time / In time. 

Of the three releases The Death of Rave (A partial flashback) sounds the most fascinating, where Kirby takes rave anthems and strips them of energy and spirit, turning them into shadows and ghosts; the result is definitely a Kirby production. He states:

This was not nostalgia. It was an inverted paean to a time when music was about bringing people together for a shared experience. A time when only the music, advancement of sound and getting on one mattered.

The Death of Rave (A partial flashback)