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47008 - Various
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After two years and seven EPs, Tommy Four Seven's Arena Club party EPs are coming to end. 47008 is the eighth and final release in the series and is composed from work by Ancient Methods, OAKE, VSK and Tommy Four Seven himself.

  1. Ancient Methods - Systems
  2. OAKE - Anaximenes
  3. VSK - Breaking Symmetry
  4. Tommy Four Seven - Dromod

Going forward we can look forward to a new series of artist EPs on 47, with the inaugural offering, 47009 by Headless Horseman arriving on 30th March:

  1. Widows Peak
  2. Shattered 
  3. Bleeding Arrows 
  4. The Day She Vanished

47008 is out tomorrow on 12" and digital on 47.

47008 - Various