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Talbot Fade - My Voice Would Reach You
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If you remember the beautiful Talbot Fade album from 2015 then I'm guessing you'll be picking up the new one very soon: My Voice Would Reach You.

If you need persuading, Norman's review might help.

And the press blurb goes further:

My Voice Would Reach You is the third album by Talbot Fade, made with love and warmth for Don't Drone Alone. Borrowing its name from a short and quietly traumatising video installation by artist Meiro Koizumi, it is a deeply personal exploration of grief, acceptance, dreams, maternal influence and communication across astral planes. It was written in the year following the passing of the artist's mother, and while ultimately still created as a collection of comforting music, it doesn't shy away from confronting and even embracing the sheer nightmarish horror of the abyss orphans find themselves in the aftermath of such immediate and staggering loss.

Influenced by music from his mother's music collection, alongside his usual comforts found in the darkest depths of roleplaying games, great bodies of water and flickering, fading embers, My Voice Would Reach You sees Talbot Fade at his most fragile, but also at his most inspired. A collection of four lengthy meditations that channel love, care, gratitude and solace into messages that seek to transcend dreams, nightmares and the waking world, ushering lost souls into a new childhood.

Talbot Fade - My Voice Would Reach You