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Steven Tang - Little White Earbuds 173
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Almost as good as his debut album Disconnect To Connect, this podcast from Steven Tang is smooth and luscious.


  1. Jody “Fingers” Finch, “Whistle Worm” [Let's Pet Puppies]
  2. Jungle Wonz, “The Jungle” [Trax Records]
  3. K. Alexi, “Me” [Eargasmic Recordings]
  4. Juergen Junker, “From Day 1 On (Dedicated To My Grandmother)” [Laid]
  5. Tobias & Marco, “Untitled” [Confuser]
  6. Chris Mitchell, “Snakes Heat And Concrete” [Vanguard Sound!]
  7. Chicago Skyway, “I Don’t Give A Fuck” [Eargasmic Recordings]
  8. The Sun God, “The Nine Billion Names Of God” [Bio Rhythm]
  9. It’s Not Over We Hustle Harder, “Conscious Collectives” [It's Not Over]
  10. The Oliverwho Factory, “Before” [Dolly]
  11. DJ Aakmael, “Crazy” [Welcome Back To The Underground]
  12. Drivetrain, “Acid Track” [Soiree Records International]
  13. Paul Mac, “Retro Basics” [BoomChik]
  14. Massimo di Lena, “Ms3″ [Bio Rhythm]
  15. Javier Orduña & Active, “Luz De Coco” (Steven Tang Remix) [Pong musiq]
  16. Norm Talley, “Track From The East” [Roundabout Sounds]
  17. Loco Dice, “Black Truffles In The Snow” (Mike Huckaby’s The Jazzed Out S Y N T H Remix) [Desolat]
Steven Tang - Little White Earbuds 173