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Spotify May 2019
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Every month I withstand the tide of incoming new music available on Spotify in order to fish out the freshest catch and prepare a heart warming feed to satisfy your musical appetite. May was swarming with fry and vitality, serving us the tastiest morsels from the likes of Synkro, Minimal Violence, F.U.S.E. and Ellen Allien (among many other fine specimens).

Here's the playlist on Spotify (if you can't see the embedded player below).

  1. Luca Musto – Lucy's Intension
  2. Another Van – 1am Jam
  3. Another Van – Secret Location
  4. Basic Rhythm – Yeah, I Like It
  5. F.U.S.E. (Richie Hawtin) – UVA
  6. Anna Homler, The Pylon King, Voices Of Kwahn – Almost Beautiful
  7. Nathan Micay – He Has The Key
  8. Synkro – Running
  9. Minimal Violence – New Hard Catch
  10. Wide Awake – Outliners
  11. HVOB – Panama
  12. Tracey – WNTDMND
  13. Luke Slater – Love (Burial Remix)
  14. Ellen Allien – Bowie in Harmony
  15. Peggy Gou – Starry Night
  16. E B U – Falling
  17. Wots My Code – Dubplate
Spotify May 2019