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Spotify May 2015
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This month's selection includes a few tracks with decent vocals, particularly the Depeche Mode elements in Lauer's collaboration with Jasnau.

Squarepusher's last album Damogen Furies was as challenging a listen as you could hope for, but Exjag Nives thankfully crosses the line into listenable territory.

The two albums I'm particularly keen on are A Long Player by Jaisu and Mute Swan by Braille, both well worth some investigation. And who knows, I may yet pick up the Blanck Mass album; after a few listens that one's certainly growing on me too.

  1. Jaisu - Jump Around
  2. Kerrier District - Discogram
  3. Squarepusher - Exjag Nives
  4. Lauer - ESC (feat. Jasnau)
  5. Percussions - KHLHI
  6. Bob Moses - Grace
  7. Blanck Mass - Dead Format
  8. Jaisu - Psy
  9. Braille - Shhhh
  10. Thyladomid - Something On Earth
  11. Nosaj Thing - Don't Mind Me (feat. Whoarei)
  12. Deadboy - Rye Angel
  13. Hot Chip - Need You Now


Spotify May 2015