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Spotify June 2019
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At the end of each month I compile a selection of tracks from the best new releases I heard on Spotify. It's the end of July and I'm just putting together a playlist for June, so that tells you how little time I've had in the last few weeks to dedicate to The Letter, sorry. Anyway, I've been catching up and here's a snazzy selection that covers June 2019 including tracks from Special Request, Posthuman, Yotam Avni, Ciel, Lo Kindre, Ripperton and more.

  1. Special Request – Levitation
  2. Dennis Young – Berlin
  3. YWF – Cutoff (Freund der Familie's Days Of Doom Remix)
  4. Posthuman – Airwave Uranium
  5. Dave DK – Chicama
  6. Yotam Avni – Mañana Mañana
  7. Ciel – Uri's Song (feat. Wiretapping)
  8. Hot Chip – Spell (Edit)
  9. Flying Lotus  – More (feat Anderson.Paak)
  10. Brick Reds, Black Mauves – Cabochon
  11. J-E-T-S – POTIONS (feat Dawn Richard)
  12. DJ Seinfeld – Electrian
  13. Batu – False Reeds
  14. Lo Kindre – Phocidae
  15. OKADA – The Right to Destroy Myself
  16. Ripperton – Where The Wind Blows
Spotify June 2019