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Spotify Dec 2016
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At the end of each month I compile a selection of tracks from the best new releases I heard on Spotify. Here's what grabbed my attention in December 2016.

They're all great tracks but I wanted to give a special shout out to two: the Schlachthofbronx track sports one of the best Dub Reggae basslines I've heard in ages, and I'm so glad to hear a great tune from Ellen Allien that's up there with her best - it's been a long time coming!

  1. Barker & Baumecker - Encipher & Decipher
  2. Schlachthofbronx - Blurred Vision
  3. Sandoz - Limbo
  4. Ellen Allien - Landing XX
  5. Peder Mannerfelt - Rules, Ropes & Strings
  6. Obgon - Dust
  7. Steven Warwick - Racetrack Playa
  8. People Skills - Mint Julep
  9. DXC - Sâu Sắc
  10. Kimyan Law - Citadelle (feat MOTSA)
  11. Max Cooper - Unbounded
Spotify Dec 2016