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Spotify Aug 2015
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From over fifty releases in August here's my shortlist of fifteen tracks worth checking out. Includes Big Dope P, Matrixxman, Ipman, Seb Wildblood, Georgia, Alessandro Cortini and Suzanne Kraft.

  1. Big Dope P - Momma On Da Flo (feat. Feadz)
    If you're a regular reader you may have heard the cool-as-hell beats on Big Dope P's Momma On Da Flo (feat. Feadz), a great way to open this selection
  2. Matrixxman - Augmented
    Having given Homesick, the Matrixxman album, a few listens, I can report that there's a few decent tracks on there; my favourite being Augmented
  3. Koova - Code
    I wouldn't disagree with you if you said Koova's Empty Spaces EP sounded derivative, the driving electro is certainly familiar... but I like it
  4. Emika - What's the Cure (The Exaltics Remix)
    A mixed bag of remixes for Emika's DREI album. The Eomac version of What's The Cure is good, but the version from The Exaltics is definitely the best
  5. Ipman - Regicide
    Drum 'n' Bass dancefloor destruction. A mini-masterpiece
  6. Jack Sparrow - Pula Riddim
    Low-slung dub reggae
  7. Julio Bashmore - What's Mine is Mine
    Like the DREI remixes, Knockin' Boots, the debut album from Matt Walker is a mixed bag; the J Danna tracks verge on cringeworthy commercial, and Bark is utterly annoying but it's all mostly catchy as hell
  8. Paul Kalkbrenner - Cloud Rider
    Although the seventh album from the German producer was released on a major label (Columbia Records), he's managed to keep things on the correct side of tasteful
  9. Seb Wildblood - Mødir
    James Tittensor aka Seb Wildblood is the man behind London's Church label and club night. Mødir somehow makes me think of Moby
  10. Georgia - Digits
    Primarily a singer/songwriter the daughter of Leftfield’s Neil Barnes produces poppy electronic music
  11. Pure Ground - And So Remain
    Belgian duo make dark Coldwave electronic music with menacing vocals
  12. Deceptikon - Found Message
    Like Plaid, light and airy electronic music
  13. Suzanne Kraft - Renee Sleeping
    Gentle, melodic electronic noodling, just like the rest of the mini-album Talk From Home
  14. Alessandro Cortini - La Guardia
    Even with the subtle acid loop, there's a progressive element to this track, quite monumental
  15. Briana Marela - Take Care of Me
    Combine Julianna Barwick with Royksopp and Julia Holter and you get Briana Marela. Sweet but best taken in small doses
Spotify Aug 2015