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Spotify Apr 2016
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At the end of each month I compile a selection of tracks from the best new releases I heard on Spotify. During April I identified 16 superb tracks from the likes of Legowelt, Silk Road Assasins, Antwood, Sei A and Djrum. The music ranges from grumbling Ambient to thumping Electro to haunting Techno. Generally speaking, it's a low-key selection with lots of really tasteful music, well worth investigating further. A special mention goes to Okzharp, who has produced another excellent single in the form of his Gated EP.


  1. Lundin Oil – Facing Expulsion
  2. Legowelt – Institute of the Overmind
  3. Sparky – Seven Daggers
  4. Silk Road Assassins – Cryo Enemy
  5. Okzharp, Samrai, Specialist Moss – I Know - Gated vocal
  6. Antwood – Lung
  7. Cocainejesus – Ascension Friends
  8. Ash Koosha – Hex
  9. Camara – While she slips out (with memories of 16colors, 2mistakes)
  10. Sei A – Trails Of Gold
  11. Sami Baha – Chunk
  12. Studio OST – Unnatural City
  13. Ulli Bomans – Truth Or Dare
  14. Fear-E – Candi's Quadra
  15. Simon Shreeve – Sharda
  16. Djrum – Untitled 9
Spotify Apr 2016