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SPC ECO - Under My Skin
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Pronounced space echo, British duo SPC ECO, comprising Dean Garcia (from 90s alt electronic rockers Curve) and art graduate vocalist Rose Berlin, make dreamy electronic pop that treads a fine line between icky sweet, chart-threatening fare and hipster cool. Reminiscent of Dot Allison and (at a stretch, based on some of Garcia's excellent electronic programming) Portishead, the raw emotion prevalent on their new EP Under My Skin, is at Spinal Tap levels throughout; haunting vocals happily married to post-trip-hop beats — a match made in heaven.

With the lead track recently featuring on the American television series Teen Wolf, their profile has received a deserved boost of late. Don't let that put you off though (or the fact that the best two tracks were lifted from their 2015 album Dark Matter) this EP is the perfect introduction to the duo.

8/10 after 6 listens

SPC ECO - Under My Skin