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SNTS - XLR8 Podcast 537
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Superb, atmospheric mix for XLR8R from the anonymous producer and label head SNTS, using his favoured experimental, offbeat and ambient sounds. He described his approach to the mix:

I wanted these tracks to convey the sensation of someone traveling through spaces never visited before, which must be traveled in a limited time as each step leads to a different scenario, experiencing it with all the emotions that this path can generate.

For me, it's a clear tale of two halves, with the opening thirty minutes building slowly before Tommy Four Seven's pummelling Hornet kicks in. Thereafter it's a gradual wind down to close with SNTS's own track Resurgence.

  1. LCC "Ib"
  2. Arca "Urchin"
  3. Modeo "Perdition"
  4. Pessimist "Spirals"
  5. Roly Porter "In System"
  6. Restive Plaggona "Alone To Faith and To Death"
  7. Atrium Carceri "Face Of War"
  8. Tommy Four Seven "Hornet"
  9. Evan Caminiti "Acid Shadow I"
  10. Anfs "Skafto"
  11. Esplendor Geometrico "Regeneracion"
  12. Atrium Carceri "Ruins Of Desolation"
  13. SNTS "Resurgence"
SNTS - XLR8 Podcast 537