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Shuffless - Vuosi
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DJ Shuffle (Jukka Hänninen) and DJ Needless (Mika Hanka) joined forces back in 2016 to form Shuffless, purveyors of rather fine Techno. Each producer brings plenty of experience to the table and that can be heard in their take on classic Techno, incorporating elements of Acid and Dub to create tasteful, deep tracks, perfect for building tension and maintaining a steady flow.

Split up into two separate 12"s, part one (available to buy right now) brings us Syksy, a seven minute monster built on an Acid bassline that teases in all the right ways, and Talvi, a Dub-infused roller that, while isn't breaking any new ground, doesn't offend in the slightest. Part two (no release date yet) contains my favourite track, Kavaet, which adds an Acid spin to swooning Detroit Techno and a mournful melody. Things close out with Kesae, a head-nodding, Dubby-style track... lovely!

Released on Feel Raw Audio, who previously brought us EPs by Carrying Ghosts and Agaric, for the non-vinyl listeners all four tracks will be available digitally on 20th July.

Shuffless - Vuosi