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Shifted - Appropriation Stories
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As well as producing the finest minimal Techno as Shifted, Guy Brewer is the man behind celebrated label Avian, champion of acts like SHXCXCHCXSHSigha and Grace. Producing his taut, claustophobic Techno music since 2011 his production experience, as one half of Drum and Bass duo Commix, extends even further. Moving to Berlin in 2012 gave him the opportunity to work anonymously, reinvent himself and establish a fresh new perspective on his ideas. Now, with over a dozen EPs and two albums under his belt, Appropriation Stories marks a new milestone. We have ten cuts, brimming with an unsatiated energy, a palpable sense of restraint; strangely soothing but with an unease that leaves you on edge.

Listen below:

Out now on Hospital Productions.

Shifted - Appropriation Stories